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What is it?

SCMA is proud to announce that we will be working with Cisco to lead the Fall Women’s Symposium! The Women’s Symposium, in partnership with Cisco, will be an afternoon filled with female leaders across the Supply Chain field giving first hand testimonies of the successes and hardships of being a woman in the Supply Chain industry. Come and hear from professionals about what we can do as college students entering the workforce to empower and amplify the voice and work of Women.

This event will be taking place on September 29th, 2022 from 2 PM to 6 PM MST

How do I get involved?

As this event will be coordinated with Cisco, we are not currently looking for an event sponsor. For future initiatives, please email Erica Soekardano at to find out how to sponsor future events!

When will registration become available?

Member registration will soon be available for SCMA members to attend. For more event information, please email Erica Soekardono at for more information!

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